You’re in for a shock

The unsustainable high cost of long-term care is the subject of a column in The Guardian. The Prime Minister seems to have promised to address the problem, as the earlier projected amount needed to live ten years after retirement falls short. The £72,000 cap proposed for each person’s spending before the state kicks in to

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Worth Staying Up For

Book Review


A St. Augustine Mystery

Ann McCallister Clark



With a scrap of her family’s fortune, doled out by her brother, a greedy attorney, the widowed Anna Wells heads for Florida, planning to sell the house her aunt left specifically for her. Leaving the wintry winds that blow

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Do you find gardening too much of a chore? Does cleaning up winter clutter hurt? You could move into a retirement home where you don’t have to do those things. Another possibility: live with your kids. Oooppps! How about co-housing, which brings you together with people who are adventurous but willing to

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About Haciendas in the 21st Century


Tumacacori Mission

In the Borderlands, a stone’s through from Hollywood, someone who is looking for a more romantic West can find it in Spanish missions, dude ranches and hacienda-style homes. Tucson’s Catalina Foothills development of the 1930s-40s is dotted with mock-adobe walls and red tiled rooftops that enclose luxurious living spaces with beamed

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My 80-year-old Stay-at-Home Mom, Part I

Mom at 19

Mom at 19


My artist friend Trudy is still uncertain about moving to an Assisted Living facility. Her concerns center on having space for a studio and her dog. Also, the fact that she is under 70 years old means she will be younger and abler than most

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