Does “friending” count?

A ramada is a good place to forge friendships on the Sonoran Desert. People will travel miles to attend a fiesta.

David Brooks is a man I admire for his rare combination of morality and mental stability.  If you see him on the PBS Newshour, you’ll know he laughs a lot — in spite

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Are we flying happy?


Do sleuths wrinkle?

In my search for mysteries featuring seasoned-yet-sharp minds, I have found mostly “capers,” usually in or around retirement homes. Someone goes missing; someone else is seen darting in and out of others’ apartments at night; a neighbor drowns in the bathtub and the daughter buys a new house – that sort of thing.  This morning

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Longevity – Do You Vote For or Against?

New Low Cost Housing for Tucson Seniors


How fortunate it seemed to me to find an essay by Natasha Singer (SLIPSTREAM, The New York Times, Sunday, October 17, 2010) titled “The Financial Time Bomb of Longer Lives.”

Two day before I had received in my mailbox yet another sales pitch for a product that would “extend

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