Worth Staying Up For

Book Review


A St. Augustine Mystery

Ann McCallister Clark



With a scrap of her family’s fortune, doled out by her brother, a greedy attorney, the widowed Anna Wells heads for Florida, planning to sell the house her aunt left specifically for her. Leaving the wintry winds that blow

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What You Read is Who You Are

At the end of a four-day weekend, my granddaughter was bored. Dad still had work to do at his desk, but the generally cooperative child who can easily entertain herself was tired of writing and even tired of Legos. Luckily, I called as pre-arranged to read with her over the phone. We had started

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Few Degrees of Separation

Environmental issues timeless and without borders. Books and movies are useful in raising important questions. The answers are found in the heart.

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Books Are My Business – and Yours

I’m ranked only 33,400 or so as an Amazon book reviewer — but that’s up from 45,000 (or so). Almost all of the people who have rated my reviews found them helpful. Therefore, I am posting all my reviews on this site. Your comments on the same books are most welcome. Different people find different

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New Page – Book Reviews



My gosh!  That’s the link to my latest review for bookpleasures.com and it will interest anyone thinking of publishing a book in this strange period of the industry’s reinvention.  The book is called ” A Self-Publisher’s Companion….” and it is by Joel Friedlander, a book designer, and a very nice

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