Does “friending” count?

A ramada is a good place to forge friendships on the Sonoran Desert. People will travel miles to attend a fiesta.

David Brooks is a man I admire for his rare combination of morality and mental stability.  If you see him on the PBS Newshour, you’ll know he laughs a lot — in spite

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London Journal January 9

Thursday, January 9  The raspberries are from South Africa; the strawberries, Egypt. When last we had a long residency in London, I was fascinated to discover thin green beans from Kenya, which of course are easy to find in America thirty years later. The way food is distributed now is perhaps an excellent illustration of

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Mom’s Letter to Me At My Daughter’s Age (52)

My mother’s handwriting has always been difficult to read. She never apologized for it. When she sent me to the store with her list, those college summers I was home, long before cell phones, I learned to have her read them to me before I left. I suspect whenever she took a pen or pencil

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MOXIE WONDERS … Why Are Movies Getting So Long?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My husband, the literature professor, has complained for some years that certain movies went on for 15-30 minutes longer than they should have to be. At first I disagreed. Give the artists license, I thought. Now I am beginning to see his point, although I think his point has changed.


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Champagne Sundays Interview

Karen Dahood talks about an “old lady” detective. No, it is not Jane Marple, she’s Sophie George, a retired librarian who comes to the aid of an unimaginative chief of detectives in a small Florida town. They encounter a revenge killing corporation and a woman who is totally — butt totally – dependent on men. And, she’s not really old – just 65.

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