Is housing a human right?

Leading up to the 2012 Olympics in London, there was a scramble to secure housing for the athletes. The location for the games was Stratford, not Shakespeare’s home town on the River Avon, but a major transportation hub about six miles northeast of Trafalgar Square. Until 1839 this area was pastoral, not much different from

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Does “friending” count?

A ramada is a good place to forge friendships on the Sonoran Desert. People will travel miles to attend a fiesta.

David Brooks is a man I admire for his rare combination of morality and mental stability.  If you see him on the PBS Newshour, you’ll know he laughs a lot — in spite

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How sick is the workplace?

Work environments have changed, an Evening Standard columnist crows, in spite of the ongoing resistance to “flexible schedules” and “open plan” design. Sarah Sands remembers that she used to have to wait outside “gigantic offices decorated with George Stubbs pictures” to talk with her boss. Now, with the freedom to tend to family needs, and

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