Can I Start Over?

Eldersleuth: librarian or another curious person who is past the age of employment as a police detective, but who perseveres in trying to solve mysteries

Five years ago I published SOPHIE REDESIGNED, the first in a planned series of six not-quite-cozy mysteries, exploring the issues of aging and featuring an female sleuth.” Brainy and bored,

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Can you afford a divorce? Think ahead.

Who is a widow, and who is divorced/ Which of them has “lifestyle choices”?

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Does “friending” count?

A ramada is a good place to forge friendships on the Sonoran Desert. People will travel miles to attend a fiesta.

David Brooks is a man I admire for his rare combination of morality and mental stability.  If you see him on the PBS Newshour, you’ll know he laughs a lot — in spite

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You have to love this cemetery!

Pankhurst went on speaking tours and, as attempts to win the vote failed, she and her allies staged protest marches, started breaking windows again, and were imprisoned for damaging property. She continued organizing women inside Halloway and resisted force-deeding by guards by threatening them with her water jug.

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How sick is the workplace?

Work environments have changed, an Evening Standard columnist crows, in spite of the ongoing resistance to “flexible schedules” and “open plan” design. Sarah Sands remembers that she used to have to wait outside “gigantic offices decorated with George Stubbs pictures” to talk with her boss. Now, with the freedom to tend to family needs, and

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