Mom’s Letter to Me At My Daughter’s Age (52)

My mother’s handwriting has always been difficult to read. She never apologized for it. When she sent me to the store with her list, those college summers I was home, long before cell phones, I learned to have her read them to me before I left. I suspect whenever she took a pen or pencil

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CAPTURES THE REAL SANTA FE Where the Devil Doesn’t Show Christine Barber Minotaur Books, 3013 Christine Barber was nurtured by the Tony Hillerman writing community, and is a journalist, so it is no surprise that her depiction of northern New Mexico is perfect.

In Gilbert Montoya, she presents a true to life hero, brave but

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Burning to Tell

ABOUT MY WEEKEND READS…. UP IN FLAMES: A Casey and Catt Mystery (#1) Amazon, 2013 Geraldine Evans  “Having parents who were out of their heads concentrated Casey’s wonderfully.”

Casey, one of the two detectives in this fascinating first-in-a-series, has a mom and dad still hung over from Beatles tours. That they had dragged their only

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On the Border

We spent two nights at Rancho de la Osa, just two miles from the Mexican border. We could see the fence, once it was pointed out to us. In my camera lens, it looked like another mountain range.  The Border Patrol had waved us through the checkpoint on our way. 

This was my second

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Smart Kids Want More

Monday, February 4, 2013