Failing the Democracy Test

Our city’s largest school system has been trapped in a prolonged controversy over a locally designed curriculum intended to incorporate the experiences of “minorities” into the teaching of American history. Most of the newspaper reporting on this matter has failed to give examples of ideas the teaching materials convey, but debate ceased last week when

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East Meets South — Kensington


How odd it feels to walk through the splendid ground floor exhibits of the Victoria & Albert Museum into the courtyard and see “The Eternal City” made of irregular rock slabs set on their sides around the pool, and decorated with plastic flowers. I suppose the installation by a Beijing artist qualifies as “fine

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Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont – BOOK REVIEW

“Mrs. Palfrey” might be seen as a pastiche of gracious widowhood, or it might be recognized as having cut pretty close to the bone back when the British economy was still lagging behind, and the English people stuck in their ways.

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Empire of the Mind – BOOK REVIEW

EMPIRE OF THE MIND A Journey Through Great Britain Iqbal Ahmed

Constable (London), 2006


American anglophiles would do well to read this mostly non-judgmental report from an anglo-Kashmiri on his explorations outside London to check on the status of other immigrants.   Ahmed’s travels by train and his bicycle to nine cities, starting with

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London Journal: Xenophobia Cramps London Style

There is a xenophobia here that I have previously experienced only in outdated novels.

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