Girls, Trains and WW II

The following book review was written for   November 25, 2011 By Karen Dahood







TIMES LIKE THESE E. E. Smith Phoenix International, Inc., 2011 ASIN: B007RQRQIY English writers are good at keeping their memories of World War II alive through novels and, over the recent commemorative years, television series

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Is housing a human right?

Leading up to the 2012 Olympics in London, there was a scramble to secure housing for the athletes. The location for the games was Stratford, not Shakespeare’s home town on the River Avon, but a major transportation hub about six miles northeast of Trafalgar Square. Until 1839 this area was pastoral, not much different from

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A little salt needed

“…nothing so prosaic as a home goods store exists in what has been famously nicknamed “Barrio Volvo.” We do have a fantastic loose tea shop, however.”

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Building London in a Hurry

 London is a jumble of impermanent building parts at worst and a continually changing display of architectural styles and lifestyles at best. Architecture critic Rowan Moore (WHY WE BUILD, 2012) writes about our desire for permanence and the futility of it. How can our built environment remain the same when our needs are ever-changing? Case

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From Rudyard Kipling’s Club to Westminster Abbey for Animals


Our outing last Saturday did suggest that we owe a debt to “The Georgians,” subject of a special exhibit at the British Library. They invented the Middle Class.  It was the prosperous 25 percent of the population in London that gave birth to cultural events as well

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