Are You a Silver Surfer?

“The silver surfers did not impress Elizabeth, who still preferred a good old conversation on the telephone.”  Murder: Then and Now, Diana Jackson The clever fiction quoted above spans 100 years, with the present being 2019, and the means of “surfing” the Futurenet. The Elizabeth mentioned is a holdout, as nearly everyone else has adopted

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Does “friending” count?

A ramada is a good place to forge friendships on the Sonoran Desert. People will travel miles to attend a fiesta.

David Brooks is a man I admire for his rare combination of morality and mental stability.  If you see him on the PBS Newshour, you’ll know he laughs a lot — in spite

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Country Mouse

Victoria Station to Horsham


With seemingly great ease we can still get into the English countryside from London. I say “seemingly” because, first of all, we have Oyster cards (prepaid fares) that allow us jump on a bus or tube train within a reasonable walking distance from our flat, and to arrive at

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From Rudyard Kipling’s Club to Westminster Abbey for Animals


Our outing last Saturday did suggest that we owe a debt to “The Georgians,” subject of a special exhibit at the British Library. They invented the Middle Class.  It was the prosperous 25 percent of the population in London that gave birth to cultural events as well

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Museum Crowds Top Exhibits

I just folded my raincoat over my arm and carried it for the three hours, moving in a circle and back again on the main floor, enjoying the historical sculptures, some created for piety (altars) and some for vanity (gardens).

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