Here at 7,300 feet altitude, Los Alamos, New Mexico, looks like a resort town in the pines. To me, it’s the beautiful place where my granddaughter lives. Ravens swoop overheard or stare at you from perches, and an occasional Mountain Blue Jay rustles the dark green bristles against an even more vividly blue sky. Traffic

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Chimayo Reflections

It appeared to me that a whole group of people spontaneously picked up twigs and wound grasses around them, and fastened them into the ugly mesh to make a joyous panorama of hopes, dreams, thanksgiving, and perhaps even losses.

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CAPTURES THE REAL SANTA FE Where the Devil Doesn’t Show Christine Barber Minotaur Books, 3013 Christine Barber was nurtured by the Tony Hillerman writing community, and is a journalist, so it is no surprise that her depiction of northern New Mexico is perfect.

In Gilbert Montoya, she presents a true to life hero, brave but

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Few Degrees of Separation

Environmental issues timeless and without borders. Books and movies are useful in raising important questions. The answers are found in the heart.

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Do I Miss The Real Thing?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We bought our first “fake” Christmas tree in 1986. That we live in the desert had something to do with it; just as harvest pumpkins set out on doorsteps tend to sag by Halloween, cut conifers generally shed their needles within a week. I grew up in Wisconsin and the U.P.,

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