Girls, Trains and WW II

The following book review was written for   November 25, 2011 By Karen Dahood







TIMES LIKE THESE E. E. Smith Phoenix International, Inc., 2011 ASIN: B007RQRQIY English writers are good at keeping their memories of World War II alive through novels and, over the recent commemorative years, television series

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We All Are Orphans

My Life

Lemony Snicket delivered the prime example of what critic Lenika Cruz called “postmodern literature for children” (Atlantic, October, 2014). The Baudelaire siblings, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny (a snappish baby with sharp teeth), endured thirteen volumes of misery in “A Series of Unfortunate Events” starting with a house fire that killed their parents.

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Here at 7,300 feet altitude, Los Alamos, New Mexico, looks like a resort town in the pines. To me, it’s the beautiful place where my granddaughter lives. Ravens swoop overheard or stare at you from perches, and an occasional Mountain Blue Jay rustles the dark green bristles against an even more vividly blue sky. Traffic

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Should student protest be punished?

In the McCarthy era, I chose to attend a liberal arts school that some people called “pink.”   My Republican parents were not pleased. Hubert Humphrey had taught at Macalester College. Its students and faculty believed in spreading the wealth to the underprivileged classes.  Most of us were from Christian families living in the Midwest,and it

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Guns Made From Bitter

As a final act of sovereignty, we buy guns.

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