Should student protest be punished?

In the McCarthy era, I chose to attend a liberal arts school that some people called “pink.”   My Republican parents were not pleased. Hubert Humphrey had taught at Macalester College. Its students and faculty believed in spreading the wealth to the underprivileged classes.  Most of us were from Christian families living in the Midwest,and it

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I wrote this review for and decided it is an important enough book to share with visitors to my own blog.

DON’T CALL ME MOTHER (New Edition) Linda Joy Myers

She Writes Press, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-938314-02-5

 A friend once told me, “Your mother is your first best friend.” This is irrevocably true, even if she

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Guns Made From Bitter

As a final act of sovereignty, we buy guns.

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Saguaro Harvest Memories

Moxie Cosmos Says…

It’s 104 degrees F in Tucson today — but, as they say, “it’s a dry heat.”

We took a visitor from Cuiliacan, Mexico, to the Arizona Desert Museum last Saturday night, one of the summer evening openings this institution has to allow human beings to view their non-human neighbors who come out

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Bra or Antlers?

What are your memories of diasters, and what to you try to save?

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