London: City Mouse

Saturday we were touring the splendid Courtauld Gallery. It is famous for its Impressionist collection, but its relocation to the Somerset house between the Thames and the Strand is a definite advantage. Just a few steps off the street you are transported to a very rich treasury of art and architecture.

Turn right here into the

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A Sunny Day in London

The weather has changed. It is warm enough for people to walking about with their coats flapping open and scarves worn hanging down instead of wrapped around their noses. Yesterday, all the clouds seem to be circulating to the North. I was out twice, once on Kensington High Street running errands, buying light bulbs, gloves,

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You have to love this cemetery!

Pankhurst went on speaking tours and, as attempts to win the vote failed, she and her allies staged protest marches, started breaking windows again, and were imprisoned for damaging property. She continued organizing women inside Halloway and resisted force-deeding by guards by threatening them with her water jug.

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From Rudyard Kipling’s Club to Westminster Abbey for Animals


Our outing last Saturday did suggest that we owe a debt to “The Georgians,” subject of a special exhibit at the British Library. They invented the Middle Class.  It was the prosperous 25 percent of the population in London that gave birth to cultural events as well

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London Journal January 9

Thursday, January 9  The raspberries are from South Africa; the strawberries, Egypt. When last we had a long residency in London, I was fascinated to discover thin green beans from Kenya, which of course are easy to find in America thirty years later. The way food is distributed now is perhaps an excellent illustration of

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