Smart Kids Want More

Monday, February 4, 2013 

What You Read is Who You Are

At the end of a four-day weekend, my granddaughter was bored. Dad still had work to do at his desk, but the generally cooperative child who can easily entertain herself was tired of writing and even tired of Legos. Luckily, I called as pre-arranged to read with her over the phone. We had started

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Do I Miss The Real Thing?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We bought our first “fake” Christmas tree in 1986. That we live in the desert had something to do with it; just as harvest pumpkins set out on doorsteps tend to sag by Halloween, cut conifers generally shed their needles within a week. I grew up in Wisconsin and the U.P.,

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Freadhoff is absolutely convincing in his descriptions of places, people, men in their relationships with machines, and (probably) how things go down in the machismo drug-gun world. As a grandmother living near the border, I was riveted by his plotline.

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Bonfire season is here– even for lice.

Maya will try anything.


Maya reading with Auntie Ann

Officially it is autumn.  Is there any city in American that has not banned burning leaves for many years?  We can only barely remember what a great day it was when dad decided it was time that everybody in the family get out

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