How does a blizzard move me?

My brother sent me this evocative snow print of a painting by Bill Alexander (dated 1972). My photo of it behind glass is a little blurred — as are my memories of snow. I do remember striding on skiis through woods in Upper Michigan in the late 1940s. When our generation was in grade

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Quill Hedgehog On His Way

MOXIE WONDERS… Why don’t we have hedgehogs in the United States?

According to the online National Geographic animal encyclopedia (, hedgehogs are about the size of three teacups. That is a perfect comparison, as hedgehogs are famously English. Some people there have them as sort-of pets. That’s because they eat garden pests.

We do not

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The Gangster in Our Class


Thursday, February 7, 2013

It was understood the lanky kid who joined our 8th grade class late in 1950 was the errand boy for Ralph Capone. I am not sure the source was reliable. Nonetheless, he acted different than the other boys who regularly misbehaved. Laid back in his small desk, legs stretched

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Few Degrees of Separation

Environmental issues timeless and without borders. Books and movies are useful in raising important questions. The answers are found in the heart.

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Better Than SkyFall

There’s nothing as scary as the truth. Priest-novelist knows more than James Bond.

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