Overthrow of government?

Tucson Unified School District wanted to implement “culturally relevant” courses as required by the desegregation act of decades ago. State legislators passed the Ethnic Studies Law in 2010 to rein in Mexican American Studies from going too far. In February 2013, the federal court adopted the Unitary Status Plan to guarantee equal opportunity for students.

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Do Japanese Kids Try Harder?

The Japanese believe a struggle is a way to become strong. Their children would spend an hour working on one math problem.  American students, on average, spend 30 seconds trying to solve a math problem before they “give up.”

I believe it. I have watched this happen and I know it’s not because the kids

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The Gangster in Our Class


Thursday, February 7, 2013

It was understood the lanky kid who joined our 8th grade class late in 1950 was the errand boy for Ralph Capone. I am not sure the source was reliable. Nonetheless, he acted different than the other boys who regularly misbehaved. Laid back in his small desk, legs stretched

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When grandkids drop out of school


Has any one of us not been disappointed by a grandchild?  We love them unconditionally, and expect them to save the world.  When they decide not to, it is difficult to tell them how we feel.

I envy those families who have enough money to pay for kids’ college and trips around

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