Should student protest be punished?

In the McCarthy era, I chose to attend a liberal arts school that some people called “pink.”   My Republican parents were not pleased. Hubert Humphrey had taught at Macalester College. Its students and faculty believed in spreading the wealth to the underprivileged classes.  Most of us were from Christian families living in the Midwest,and it

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Do Japanese Kids Try Harder?

The Japanese believe a struggle is a way to become strong. Their children would spend an hour working on one math problem.  American students, on average, spend 30 seconds trying to solve a math problem before they “give up.”

I believe it. I have watched this happen and I know it’s not because the kids

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The Gangster in Our Class


Thursday, February 7, 2013

It was understood the lanky kid who joined our 8th grade class late in 1950 was the errand boy for Ralph Capone. I am not sure the source was reliable. Nonetheless, he acted different than the other boys who regularly misbehaved. Laid back in his small desk, legs stretched

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Reason to Learn to Write is to Reason and Inspire

The Yale man and I agreed on the value of poems: Poetry is a wonderful way to come to understand the real meaning of words (his basic professional need) and trying to make a poem is a good way to learn how to communicate (my goal as a writer).

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Longer School Year?

Monday, January 14, 2013

An experiment encouraged by Education Secretary Arne Duncan has been announced: five states will add 300 hours to their school year. He believes teachers and students need more time to prepare for success in competing in the world of the 21stcentury. He is backed by those who observe that too much

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