Overthrow of government?

Tucson Unified School District wanted to implement “culturally relevant” courses as required by the desegregation act of decades ago. State legislators passed the Ethnic Studies Law in 2010 to rein in Mexican American Studies from going too far. In February 2013, the federal court adopted the Unitary Status Plan to guarantee equal opportunity for students.

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Can you afford a divorce? Think ahead.

Who is a widow, and who is divorced/ Which of them has “lifestyle choices”?

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Layabout Stands Up for Granny

Both Linda and I were crying at the end, acknowledging to one another that we had both cared for our mothers during their last years. We also acknowledged that soon Joy would be us. We didn’t examine the problem of which of our grandsons would be so wise as to care for us.

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From Rudyard Kipling’s Club to Westminster Abbey for Animals


Our outing last Saturday did suggest that we owe a debt to “The Georgians,” subject of a special exhibit at the British Library. They invented the Middle Class.  It was the prosperous 25 percent of the population in London that gave birth to cultural events as well

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Art-makers alert!

“Don’t Quit Your Day Job,” warns artist and filmmaker Juri Koll of  Los Angeles  (New York Times, November 8, 2013). Koll describes yet another unintended result of increasing college costs: full-time artists may become extinct. He explains:

“In the United States there are about 115,000 young people who graduate from college with art degrees every

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