Layabout Stands Up for Granny

Both Linda and I were crying at the end, acknowledging to one another that we had both cared for our mothers during their last years. We also acknowledged that soon Joy would be us. We didn’t examine the problem of which of our grandsons would be so wise as to care for us.

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Detroit – A Haunting Hometown

 REVIEW The bankruptcy of Detroit, long after the implosion of the auto industry, has taught us that a city without Plan B is unsustainable. Mary Anne McMahon, who lived in Detroit from her birth in 1944 until 1976, has written about the city’s impact on her life when it was the richest city in America.

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Do Not Wait! Interview Your Elders

A woman born c. 1900 tells about her life on a farm as a young woman to a journalist who uses the Dennis Tedlock method of transcribing audio taped stories to capture a voice.

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I wrote this review for and decided it is an important enough book to share with visitors to my own blog.

DON’T CALL ME MOTHER (New Edition) Linda Joy Myers

She Writes Press, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-938314-02-5

 A friend once told me, “Your mother is your first best friend.” This is irrevocably true, even if she

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How does a blizzard move me?

My brother sent me this evocative snow print of a painting by Bill Alexander (dated 1972). My photo of it behind glass is a little blurred — as are my memories of snow. I do remember striding on skiis through woods in Upper Michigan in the late 1940s. When our generation was in grade

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