A little salt needed

“…nothing so prosaic as a home goods store exists in what has been famously nicknamed “Barrio Volvo.” We do have a fantastic loose tea shop, however.”

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Detroit – A Haunting Hometown

 REVIEW The bankruptcy of Detroit, long after the implosion of the auto industry, has taught us that a city without Plan B is unsustainable. Mary Anne McMahon, who lived in Detroit from her birth in 1944 until 1976, has written about the city’s impact on her life when it was the richest city in America.

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Let’s have gateaux in peau de soie

Fabrics of the past were named somewhat like plants, except the second half was usually French. Tulle, chiffon, crepe, peau de soie and faille could all be silk. These second names referred to the weave or the effect of the fabric.

On the rack, we have fewer choices, usually cotton, silk, linen, wool, polyester, nylon,

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