Under My Kindle’s Cover

Books are cheap these day, if they are made of ether. The E-letter Omnimystery News has daily offers of free and cheap titles, and some of them are really good. I can’t resist trying two or three a week. Here are my latest selections: SMOKING RUIN D.R. Martin Conger Road Press, 2012 This is very

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Do sleuths wrinkle?

In my search for mysteries featuring seasoned-yet-sharp minds, I have found mostly “capers,” usually in or around retirement homes. Someone goes missing; someone else is seen darting in and out of others’ apartments at night; a neighbor drowns in the bathtub and the daughter buys a new house – that sort of thing.  This morning

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What You Read is Who You Are

At the end of a four-day weekend, my granddaughter was bored. Dad still had work to do at his desk, but the generally cooperative child who can easily entertain herself was tired of writing and even tired of Legos. Luckily, I called as pre-arranged to read with her over the phone. We had started

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Quill Hedgehog On His Way

MOXIE WONDERS… Why don’t we have hedgehogs in the United States?

According to the online National Geographic animal encyclopedia (animals.nationalgeographic.com), hedgehogs are about the size of three teacups. That is a perfect comparison, as hedgehogs are famously English. Some people there have them as sort-of pets. That’s because they eat garden pests.

We do not

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Better Than SkyFall

There’s nothing as scary as the truth. Priest-novelist knows more than James Bond.

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