Beware Child Abduction Fiction

Is the child abduction novel the 21st century equivalent of orphan stories (though I suspect those were concocted to scare children, not adults)? Have there been more child abductions in real life? Are parents more fearful for their childrens’ safety than they have been in the past? Are they the ones buying these books? Or is abduction of children simply the most alluring subject in general — and if that is so, who is reading them and why?

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Review DEATH ROE: A WOODS COP MYSTERY Joseph Heywood This book reminds me that I ate caviar when I was a child – on Ritz crackers. It was served at resorts in northern Michigan and Wisconsin, as it was plentiful in the region in the late 1940s. Now I know a lot more about the

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Moxie is reading and wonders…..

HOME SWEET MURDER TALES OF A TENACIOUS HOUSESITTER by Theresa M. Jarvela Meggie Moore is one silly woman. Working part time in a gift shop is not enough for her. The typically energetic Minnesotan leaves her husband Walter at home to house sit, attracted by the extra income, even though there have been two burglaries

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CAPTURES THE REAL SANTA FE Where the Devil Doesn’t Show Christine Barber Minotaur Books, 3013 Christine Barber was nurtured by the Tony Hillerman writing community, and is a journalist, so it is no surprise that her depiction of northern New Mexico is perfect.

In Gilbert Montoya, she presents a true to life hero, brave but

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Burning to Tell

ABOUT MY WEEKEND READS…. UP IN FLAMES: A Casey and Catt Mystery (#1) Amazon, 2013 Geraldine Evans  “Having parents who were out of their heads concentrated Casey’s wonderfully.”

Casey, one of the two detectives in this fascinating first-in-a-series, has a mom and dad still hung over from Beatles tours. That they had dragged their only

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