How important are pets?

A free or almost-free shelter dog becomes an emotional bargaining chip, and not only in the family.

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These fossils feel forgotten

It wasn’t the rainiest nor the coldest London has had lately, but Saturday came with problems for the over-70 set, which in our case included over-80s as well.  Intrepid explorers by sheer will power and perhaps a dash of competitiveness, our English cousins P and L agreed to meet us at the Natural History Museum

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From Rudyard Kipling’s Club to Westminster Abbey for Animals


Our outing last Saturday did suggest that we owe a debt to “The Georgians,” subject of a special exhibit at the British Library. They invented the Middle Class.  It was the prosperous 25 percent of the population in London that gave birth to cultural events as well

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Quill Hedgehog On His Way

MOXIE WONDERS… Why don’t we have hedgehogs in the United States?

According to the online National Geographic animal encyclopedia (, hedgehogs are about the size of three teacups. That is a perfect comparison, as hedgehogs are famously English. Some people there have them as sort-of pets. That’s because they eat garden pests.

We do not

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