London Journal January 9

Thursday, January 9  The raspberries are from South Africa; the strawberries, Egypt. When last we had a long residency in London, I was fascinated to discover thin green beans from Kenya, which of course are easy to find in America thirty years later. The way food is distributed now is perhaps an excellent illustration of

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Worth Staying Up For

Book Review


A St. Augustine Mystery

Ann McCallister Clark



With a scrap of her family’s fortune, doled out by her brother, a greedy attorney, the widowed Anna Wells heads for Florida, planning to sell the house her aunt left specifically for her. Leaving the wintry winds that blow

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Mom’s Letter to Me At My Daughter’s Age (52)

My mother’s handwriting has always been difficult to read. She never apologized for it. When she sent me to the store with her list, those college summers I was home, long before cell phones, I learned to have her read them to me before I left. I suspect whenever she took a pen or pencil

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Moxie is reading and wonders…..

HOME SWEET MURDER TALES OF A TENACIOUS HOUSESITTER by Theresa M. Jarvela Meggie Moore is one silly woman. Working part time in a gift shop is not enough for her. The typically energetic Minnesotan leaves her husband Walter at home to house sit, attracted by the extra income, even though there have been two burglaries

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Do you find gardening too much of a chore? Does cleaning up winter clutter hurt? You could move into a retirement home where you don’t have to do those things. Another possibility: live with your kids. Oooppps! How about co-housing, which brings you together with people who are adventurous but willing to

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