Remembering Greg

In a few days our oldest child would have been 58 years old. He died last year in May, still 56.  His brother, sister, stepfather and I remember him every day, and wish for his sunny smile and big heart to still be available to us and to the rest of his family.

Greg was tall, handsome, hearty and had many friends. At his memorial gathering in Los Alamos,NM, where he was the economic development administrator for the county, one colleague said she would always appreciate the way he encouraged her to participate in meetings, offering her ideas, insisting they were worthy of attention. That was Greg. Positive. Generous. He loved to feed people, sing and play his guitar, and write proposals and plans to make this a better world. One of the mementos we exhibited during the memorial gathering here in Tucson was a page from a college freshman notebook. The subject was utopias, or,

“the ideal arrangement of a society for the humane benefit of all its participants.”  

That was what Greg thought about and worked toward, incorporating all cultures and all natural life. He was a conservationist, not just a hiker. He was a good listener, not just a great talker. He made strong networks and connected the very best dots. He was a constant son, brother,friend and lover, not just an explorer or tourist.

Above all, he was a father. He left a daughter who contains his “spark,” as we noted when we wrote a piece in remembrance of him for the newspaper.  I would say it is more than a spark. He passed the torch.

Here he is with his sister Ann and brother Tom about 15 years ago. I am proud to say they share his ideals and dedication to the common good. Their lively conversations, revealing all their good intent, made my life worth living.

Greg, Ann and Tom 2001


Here’s what Greg’s daughter wrote in 2015  for an assignment on the topic “Why do we need to follow rules?”:

Why Daddy is So Special

Daddy is special to me and he inspires me every day. He says the harder you work the luckier you get. I love him very much. Even though Daddy is strict I know that his rules are there to help me succeed. He is the best daddy ever! I love him very much and he is amazing! – Maya

And here’s what Greg’s daughter wrote last year:

“My dad has been an inspiration to me all my life. [HER BIOGRAPHY OF HIM FOLLOWS] “One day, May 4th, 2016, my dad suffered a heart attack and unfortunately passed away. Even though he has gone, though many people believe his legacy continues through me. That is what inspires me to try my best in school and work hard so I can be as successful as my dad.”


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