Do you find gardening too much of a chore? Does cleaning up winter clutter hurt? You could move into a retirement home where you don’t have to do those things. Another possibility: live with your kids. Oooppps! How about co-housing, which brings you together with people who are adventurous but willing to

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On the Border

We spent two nights at Rancho de la Osa, just two miles from the Mexican border. We could see the fence, once it was pointed out to us. In my camera lens, it looked like another mountain range.  The Border Patrol had waved us through the checkpoint on our way. 

This was my second

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Smart Kids Want More

Monday, February 4, 2013 

About Haciendas in the 21st Century


Tumacacori Mission

In the Borderlands, a stone’s through from Hollywood, someone who is looking for a more romantic West can find it in Spanish missions, dude ranches and hacienda-style homes. Tucson’s Catalina Foothills development of the 1930s-40s is dotted with mock-adobe walls and red tiled rooftops that enclose luxurious living spaces with beamed

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How does a blizzard move me?

My brother sent me this evocative snow print of a painting by Bill Alexander (dated 1972). My photo of it behind glass is a little blurred — as are my memories of snow. I do remember striding on skiis through woods in Upper Michigan in the late 1940s. When our generation was in grade

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