Raptors Attract Crowds at ASDM

Tuesday, January 3, 2013

Winter Color Cheers Us

Tucson is home to one of the most-visited tourist attractions in the world, the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. The purpose is to show the human beings who share this dry region or visit  just how much life there is here, and how to keep it viable.

Unlike traditional animal exhibits, this one accommodates creatures in their natural habitats inasmuch as possible. There are safeguards, of course — for them and for us. Generally, though, you have to look keenly to find the residents of this marvelous space just west of the city, over the Tucson Mountains.  We go a few times a year, always seeing different plants in bloom. The day after Christmas we took our visiting granddaughter to see the Raptor Free Flight. Here are a couple of photos. They aren’t the best — many people had fancier  camera gear with them – but I was stuck way back on a bridge in a crowd of about 200 people with my purse-sized Canon PowerShot (SD1400 IS).

The Free Flight occurs twice a day in the winter season. Check out the website for Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. The newest attraction (opening this week) is a riparian exhibit hall. Yes, we do have fish in this desert.


Raptor Paradise


Patience Is A Virtue



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