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My gosh!  That’s the link to my latest review for and it will interest anyone thinking of publishing a book in this strange period of the industry’s reinvention.  The book is called ” A Self-Publisher’s Companion….” and it is by Joel Friedlander, a book designer, and a very nice one.


Read and share! I own a Kindle and love it, but hate that I cannot share what I read there without loaning my Kindle out.

There are lots of other frustrations in the book world today. Nearly every day I read a Wall Street Journal story on the breakup of the industry. As a writer poised to publish a second mystery, I am at odds with myself over whether to wait to capture the attention of an agent or self-publish again. Yesterday I read that agents are pretty much a job of the past. I also read that a man who publishes thrillers gave up his agent and is simply putting his new books into e-formats. He made over $126,000 in March.

Then there is the problem of choosing a book to read. With so much to choose from (unless your main source is airports), we need reviewers more than ever, and instead most publications left hardly have room for book reviews. They are more likely to give the space to interviewing writers.

I just started to review for which will appear in a number of places. I am therefore installing a new page on this website called GOOD READS. I will post my reviews there, but welcome your participation. One rule: The books have to be relevant to my main theme of aging — even if it is a mystery. I read all of Donna Leon’s Brunetti books, and lately have found them chock full of wonderful elderly characters. Email your 500 to 750-word review to and I will let you know if I am going to post it.

Meanwhile: Check my new page GOOD READS featuring IN UNEXPECTED PLACES; DEATH AND DYING – BUILDING UP A PICTURE. It tackles the questions we would love to ask (e.g., What happens next?) with answers from many different belief systems.

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