NevaeH Boutique Heaven

Okay – I admit it. I didn’t catch on to the name of this boutique until long after I had distributed my Christmas presents purchased there, and was in need of a black hat like the berry-colored one I ordered from this wonderful women artists’ gallery.

I happened to be there the first day they opened in the Jefferson Inn complex in Wausau, Wisconsin, my home town. The handmade items were eye-dazzling. There were silk totes decorated with ribbons and buttons and applique (FOR MY GLAM DAUGHTER AND GLAM DAUGHTER-IN-LAW), frothy scarves woven of several fine textures of yarn (FOR MY BLIND ATTORNEY), and fingerless gloves (FOR MY TEENAGE TEXTERS) that look tie-dyed. I bought my great-granddaughter a blue knit beanie with a big red applique flower.

I can’t do justice to these ladies’ artistic variety (jewelry, capes, coats!) with my feeble descriptions. Go right now to their gallery on Facebook — just search for Nevaeh Wausau WI. Or call for help with gift ideas. Maureen 715-297-3314 or Briana 715-297-1393

There’s another link you might like that tells more about Wausau, which in the last couple of decades has become a destination rather than a place to leave. They even have kayak races downtown.

So what would Sophie George buy for herself if she were going to visit Wisconsin in February? Frankly, I don’t think she’d go there, being a Florida-adapted New Yorker, unless there was a murder she had to solve. In most of my novels (SOPHIE REDESIGNED is published) clothes are a topic. That’s because they are a women’s issue, and the older you get the more of an issue they become. Should I spend the money? Do I need a “new look”? Can’t I just “be myself”? In SOPHIE REDESIGNED the character Deborah always is obsessing about her clothes; she’s a chameleon. Sophie feels guilty getting a sexy new dress to influence a potential client.

In WINDOW BY THE POND (coming out this year), there is much said about Sophie’s conservative, leftover skirts and shoes from New England. When we finally get to GIPSIES (perhaps in 2013), she has to shop for warmer garments, but has a nightmarish experience in Harrod’s. I hope I live long enough to see that one in print. For now I am content to live in the moment. I wore my berry-colored cloche today. It has the cutest jeweled pin.

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    • karen

      Can’t figure how you got here — unless you are a relative of one of those great gals just 200 miles away from you. If I have helped you with my blogs, please do me a favor: Go into Common Good Books and buy a copy of SOPHIE REDESIGNED (my first book in a mystery series).

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