Kindle Part Reviewed by Grouchy Granny


I ordered a replacement cord for what I thought was a first generation Kindle. It did not fit. After struggling with websites and finally getting a live person on the phone, we determined my Kindle is a “second generation” model. These terms do not match up with the terms used on the website for ordering. That was problem #1.

Problem #2 is that, now that I have the cord, which seemed to fit and work, my Kindle has stopped working. This might be because in the last few days I lost the little piece that covers what is described in my handbook (that came with the product) as the volume control. My model does not have sound. So the problem becomes, “What do I order now?”

Kindle is such a clever device that I believe it has a small snake that crawls through the cable into the body to trouble shoot. In this case, it maneuvered its way to the protective covers of the delicate control on the right top edge (whatever it is). This is Amazon’s automatic signal that it is time to buy a new model. So that is what I shall do.

Problem #3: Are we on “Generation Three” — or what?

Note that I have not come up to my limit of book storage for this model, I think 300. The new one, I think I heard, has room for 1,200. At what rate must I read to take advantage of this exciting improvement?

I’ll bet there is a book on that subject. :(

Problem #4: I did not get my bathrooms cleaned this week because our housecleaner spent three hours on her hands and knees looking for the tiny Kindle “volume control” cover.

Karen Dahood (aka “Grouchy Granny”)
Tucson, AZ

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