Mother’s Last Home – Photos



Floor Plan Before CAPS Remodel

Here is how we remodeled a 1938 house to provide a second master suite, and below it are photos of the structural changes discussed in my recent posts about how we remodeled a house to accommodate an 80-year-old with some dementia and great sadness. We took my mom and her big Golden Retriever into our home and tried to replicate many of the things she had done over the years to make lkife comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. I will probably add photos from time to time, showing how she was able to interact with her growing family.

After Remodel for Mom

BATHROOM FEATURES A curb-less shower with controls outside the stream of water. Easy monitoring by caregiver.

BEDROOM FEATURES Colors, lighting, and fabric patterns to her taste; her own furniture; one well-organized closet; a private porch (below); her own TV; and space for great-grandchildren to play beside her when she was bedridden.

OUTDOOR LIVING FEATURES Her own back porch overlooked a mature garden shaded by trees, colorful year round with native shrubs and flowers; and its own pots of familiar flowers. She had a small table for meals, and chairs for visitors.  The front flagstone patio looked onto the street, a major pedestrian-bikeway from the university. She could watch people on bikes, walking dogs, pushing baby strollers; or she could look at the bubbly surface of a “Zen pond.”  We often had our evening glass of wine with Mom in this safe haven.

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