“Muhammad Ali” strikes a chord.


My friend Trudy Heeb has Parkinson’s disease, but that hasn’t stopped her from producing about 200 works of art in the past two years.  They include layers of effort, from photographs or drawings to copies arranged in rows Warhol style; assemblages embellished by natural materials or Japanese paper cuttings and calligraphy.  Her most recent work has been weaving, using everything from fine mohair to plastic electrical cord.  Before that she “pushed herself” by constructing metal sculptures; her source of materials was the hardware store.

Trudy is a Bauhaus Modernist, trained in the Zurich Arts & Crafts School to be a textile designer and painter in the 1960s.  She evolved into an art therapist and worked with physically and mentally handicapped children, winning awards for her ability to help them focus their attention and make large and colorful paintings.

She married a Bauhaus architect 20 years older than she, and when he decided to retire they came to Sonoita , Arizona, where they built their dream house.  It was here where Trudy was diagnosed with PD and where Walter died falling from their roof.  Trudy moved closer to her doctors and had a studio built in her garage.  She was eager to get to creative work again, to forget the pain.

In 2007 she had Deep Brain Stimulation, and out of that came an unexpected burst of creative energy.

Last week 15 of her works were shown at an open house at the Arizona Parkinson’s Disease Association office.  Here’s Mohammad Ali, a portrait of her gecko named for another Parkinson’s victim.  Trudy’s husband loved boxing.  Trudy loved geckos.  What a match!

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  • Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay as he was also known could ‘dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee’

    • karen

      Interesting addition to the reference. Are the dancing and stinging related to his boxing style, or to his night life and personality?

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