A moving experience without the tears.


Elder sleuth Sophie George rarely complains about joint pain.  She’s in the “good half” of the over-65 population.  The other half suffers.  They don’t walk around Dorado Circle twice every day.

Elder Carelink featured an article by Dr. Kate Smith, Geriatric Care Management Consultant, about the loss of mobility leading to loss of independence.  Chronic pain keeps you in your chair, out of circulation — and ultimately in isolation.

What about all those painkillers?  Dr. Smith doesn’t come right out and say it, but I will.  Painkilling drugs can lead to another class of problems that keep you at home.  A Nurse Practitioner in a gastroenterology practice told me without hesitation that a popular pain medication famously “wreaks havoc on the intestinal tract.”

I found out the hard way.  For the 9 years it took for spinal surgery to become refined to the point where it was the logical choice for me, I depended on this drug, and although I read all the warnings, none popped out as a common threat.  If only my prescribing physician had spent some time with this Nurse Practitioner instead of with the usual crowd of “reps”  . . .

But we won’t go there.  It’s over.  I have titanium in my spine and aqua therapy twice a week (which, BTW, is on Dr. Smith’s list of preventatives).  I just can’t eat seeds and nuts.

Keep moving!

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