Why Sophie will never be a jogger blogger.


My readers quickly learn Sophie George walks around Dorado Circle twice every early morning.  It never would occur to her to jog.  Not any more than it would occur to her to blog.

Her generation — my own — is astonished — maybe I should say appalled — by the amount of blah-blah-blah-blah on the Internet these days.  Just when we are getting into the swing of texting, after having mastered  e-mails, along comes this new medium with a voracious appetite for words.

Note:  I did not say ideas.  Sometimes blogs contain opinions.  But a blogger usually does not invite prolonged discussion.  Feedback?  Comments? Well, yes, if you can keep them to 45 characters or 5 minutes of reading time.

My publicist apparently got ahead of the shipping department, as I have not yet received copies of  SOPHIE REDESIGNED, but  I have received  “leads.”  Nine yesterday, 11 today – and they all want a book to “review.”  What I found out is that most of these requests come from book bloggers.  There’s a whole stratosphere out there composed of people who blah-blah-blah-blah about books.  Some of them only blah-blah.  A few are very good reviewers and are high in the ranks of reviewers on Amazon (that’s another phenomenon, best left for another day).

Suffice it to say that I will be as skeptical as Sophie George and will not send out free books to everybody who says they are interested in having one.  I check every name against a presence on the Web.  If they look legit — good!  What I am really hoping for is invitations to lead discussions starting with questions suggested on this website.  Can women count on men to support them all their lives?  Is killing for revenge okay?  Once we reach retirement, must we tell our children about ALL our activities?

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